A Very Small Introduction About Me

Hey, there. Yes, I  mean you. I’m PJ McIlvaine.  I’m a writer, screenwriter, kid lit writer and rabble rouser. I’ve been published in the New York Times, Newsday,  Baby Talk, The Star, Parent.co, xojane, Raising Rumpus, ]\and other outlets. I was bitten by the screenwriting bug many moons ago and never looked back. Maybe I’m the Patient Z everyone is looking for.

I’ve also been a staff writer for a screenwriting site and have conducted interviews with screenwriting gurus like William C. Martell who wrote the famous Secrets of Action Screenwriting, and the late Blake Snyder who wrote the Save the Cat series of books. I’ve also worked as a script doctor, a script reader, and provided coverage and script notes (script consultant). I’ve been one busy Mama.


My first produced screenwriting credit was for the Emmy nominated, Showtime original family film MY HORRIBLE YEAR starring Mimi Rogers, Karen Allen and Eric Stoltz. MY HORRIBLE YEAR was also directed by Eric Stoltz, who did a fantastic job.

My second screenwriting credit, THE TOWN THAT BANNED CHRISTMAS aka A MERRY LITTLE CHRISTMAS, is an indie movie which was an Official Selection of the Long Island International Film Expo (LIIFE) in 2006. It’s a comedy that takes a look at what happens when a community holiday decorating contest gets out of control.

More recently, I have a horror screenplay in development, and a horror short which has been filmed for inclusion in the award winning web series IN FEAR OF by my good pal and wonderful writer/director Scott W. Perry. And now a new and exciting development: children’s books.

I’m a prolific and hard working wordsmith, and I’m always working on something (which may or may not be a good thing). I’m known for my sweet stuff, but I do have my salty side.

Now take my hand, shine those ruby slippers and let’s go down the yellow brick road together.

And if you’ve a mind to, kindly check out all my pages containing the various projects in the screenplays section, my portfolio and my gallery. You never know what you might find.

If you need to contact me, please check my details on the contact page where you can fill in the contact form and e-mail me.

Thanks again, enjoy your visit and please come again. Next time, give me a heads-up and I’ll bake some magic brownies.

PJ McIlvaine

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