All About The Brownies


Between the day job which is sucking the life out of me, family and life, I’ve been pretty busy. 

I now do a bi-monthly column called THE PATH TO PUBLICATION for the Children’s Book Insider newsletter. Very cool indeed. So far I’ve interviewed MG author Chris Rylander and YA novelist Jenny Martin. 

Started a new website for my offbeat spec fiction called

Thought up a crapload of new ideas. I crap them out more than Stephen King.

Knee deep in top secret project. My goal is a first draft by next spring. 

Had a personal essay about my Mom and her last, horrible months with Alzeheimer’s  published.   You can find it at

Also had a neat Halloween short story published at

And besides baking and writing and The Blacklist and taking care of my babies, lots of waiting. I’ve waited more than Godot. 










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