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Five Things I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me About Screenwriting

I’ve gotten great feedback on this blogpost, hope you enjoy it.!5-THINGS-I-WISH-SOMEONE-WOULD-HAVE-TOLD-ME-ABOUT-SCREENWRITING/c1bub/565046e60cf29d581a423d4e

The Summer of My Discontent

Writing, working…..and my heart is broken over the GAMES OF THRONES finale. We have become so emotionally invested in these characters, that we feel like they’re real people. Thank you GRR Martin and everyone involved in the show….and the hell with you at the same time!

Rainy Days and Chicken Soup

Chicken soup is simmering (colds, sinus), and it’s just plain lousy for a Saturday in October. I thank everyone for their encouragement and kind words as I embark on a new chapter in kid literature as well as continue my misadventures in screenwriting. If you look in the dictionary,...